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The home of West Wales’ Penlon Cottage Brewery’s award-winning Bottle Conditioned Beer.

Founded by Penny and Stefan Samociuk over 10 years ago, Penlon is the oldest farm based brewery in Ceredigion, West Wales. It’s award-winning range of bottle conditioned beer, ales and stouts carries on today using those same traditional, all natural recipes.

All beers are brewed and bottled on farm, using only natural ingredients and traditional, hand-crafted methods from start to finish.

There’s nothing else added: just water, barley, hops and yeast…that’s it!

Because of the small batch sizes, we are able to produce a range of 10 bottle conditioned beers, from a lager, pale through to strong ales, and two traditional stouts.

All beers are suitable for vegetarians and most are also suitable for vegans too.

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Welcome to the new Penlon Cottage Brewery website

If you have been redirected from Penlon.biz, you are on the right page! Bay View Brewery is the new home for Penlon Cottage Brewery. Working in conjunction with Penny and Stefan, the award winning beers continue in the same tradition as they have done for over 10 years. Making Penlon the oldest farmhouse brewery in West Wales.

We’ll keep you abreast of all that is ongoing via this blog. Now back to brewing!